Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fake eggs from china

Again news bout the fake egg >.<

according to expert, they said this fake eggs can be dangerous for our health.
consumption of the fake eggs attack our brain and nerve cells.
and due the attack it will causes metabolism disorder, liver diseases or senile dementia.
this happen because of the chemical composition of the eggs --> glucolactone, benzoic acid, calcium chloride, amino acid and alum.

by the way, tartrazine, a food colouring (in yellow or orange) appeared to cause the most allergic reactions, for people who are asthmatics and those with aspirin intolerance. they may experience symptoms such as
--> gastric upset
--> diarrhea
--> vomiting
--> nettle rash
--> swelling of the skin

How to recognize this fake eggs?

1. cheaper compare the real one
2. larger then the real one
3. odourless
 4. shiny
5. when broken, had no sign of chalazae
 (opaque ropes of egg white which holds the egg yolk in the centre of the shell)
6. when tapped, no crisper sound ( when tapped, real eggs make a crisper sound)
7. when a fake eggs is broken, the egg white and yolk would mix quickly and melt 
because it was made of chemicals


How this fake eggs are made?

Egg white - just add some gelatin, some powder, benzoic acid, coagulating material, alum

Egg yolk – some lemon-yellow colouring powder mixed to a liquid and stirred. Poured into round shaped plastic mould and mixed with ‘magic water’ that contains calcium chloride.

Hardy shells are formed by pouring paraffin wax and a liquid onto the egg, which are then left to dry.

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