Monday, June 27, 2011

Quick update from Me

I am so sorry for not being so loyal to my own blog..
there's a lots of things happen to me within this period of time
First of all I would like to thanx to my parents for giving me chances to breath in this world
Yeah.. I am officially 24th years old already..
Thanx God
Thanx boyfie even U are not around 
Thanx to all who wished me Happy birthday and wished me luck
Only God can reply on behalf of me..

Ok! here a quick update from me..
26th May til 9th June - i'm in hometown, celebrating my mum's bufday and also a simple vacation with my siblings to Beringgis Resort.. 

10th June til 25th June - backed to KL just to attend my induction. Yes, i'm happy indeed cos I finished already. Done my practical, done my exam, done my induction and now just wait for a posting. Hope i'll get where's i want^^ God,help me..

and after this i am officially jobless and currently had a gut to do job hunting^^
but it's still under progression
i can said im not 100% ready for a work yet hehe..
my holiday mode already turned ON