Saturday, February 19, 2011


Supposed to be this day I start to do my revision but yet I didn't open even single pages of my notes :(
I should say it loud here "I AM LAZY PERSON" and I mean it. If got Lazy Organization in this world I automatically sign up as a member kan..
What else I can say? I don't have mood to do revision. Since roommate do karaoke session from morning, it's a distraction for me to start anything (padahal alasan ja nie..) Syiok bha jg tgk rumate sy berkaraoke nie smpai x ingat dunia. Lawak pun ada :)
Last night event are totally bored. I don't blame the contestant indeed but it goes to the technical peoples.
Lembap tahap gaban dewa-dewi nie! Mcm maw kena katuk itu kepala dulu br pandai wat keja. Kasian sy tgk itu peserta Idol sna atas pentas. Suda lar neves maw wat persembahan masalah teknikal pla jadi. Trus menyanyi pun mcm x ati suda nie.
Anyway, congrates to Pancho. U are know known as KSKB Idol.
Bangga jg lar sy sikijap ada kwn artis nie wkakakakka^^ .. 
Pancho, bule kha ko bwa kami p ikut ko sna UKM nxt week??? Kmi kan manager2 ko haha..
odoi dogo,separuh excited jg lar semalam. tp dr mula dgr komen2 tue juri mm suda sy agak bha dia bule menang. lagi 1 sy maw ckp thanx ma c Pancho jg lar sbb bg kebenaran sy buka hadiah dia.. ekekeke 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre Valentine

Selamat malam^^
Yay! What happen to me??? I'm a bit more lazy rite now. I didn't touch yet my assignment. I'm lied! The whole day I try to finish my assignment but til I post this, I only managed to do 2 pages only :( but my lecturer want 6 pages.. Lor! How I want to finish it???
Utak sy blank tahap gaban suda nie. Inda lar sy taw pa maw tulis lagi. Nah! matai lar ko bsuk,Terra :(

Tukar topic dulu sy ar hehe^^
I got msg just now from scandal (",).

Scandal: Bsuk ari apa ar?
Me: Ari 1 lar bha, napa ko tanya?
Scandal: Owh, bukan ari kekasih kha?
Me: Iya kha?? Jap, I check calendar 1st.
Scandal: Kwn sy ckp lar..
Me: Iya bha kan.. V'day plak bsuk.. sy lupa owh hehe^^
Scandal: X apa lar klu ko lupa. Nxt tym bru kta sambut ar^^
Me: Everyday pun valentina bha. Watpa jg maw tggu 14hb Feb bru smbut.
Scandal: Yup, everyday is valentine. and nnt kta clbrate ar..
Me: Tgk dlu lar hehehehe^^

P/s: Happy Valentine to all^^ No need to wait 'til 14th Feb just to celebrate it. Valentine Day also not for couples only but it for everyone. Don't be so racist bout Valentine. If u believe in love then u are part of valentine.