Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quick update from Ulu Kinta

Currently I'm blogging from Quarters at Ulu Kinta!
I'm working now and yet it's far away from my hometown.
And honestly I felt lonely, alone and unhappy here.
What ever the reason are I'm totally not happy when I know I got here.
It's really out of my mind since the nightmare.
I know it's sound childish or whatsoever but who cares,right?
This is my life but I have no choices at all.
I only can bear in my mind that I can fill the transfer form after 6 months working and above.
Let's the time decide here :(

There's a lots of thing play in mind but I couldn't explain it in better way.
But for sure there's still a lots of thing that i've need to do but not done yet.
Luckily my KWSP and account done.
Medical chek up still on the way. Will meet the doctor on 1st of August..
That's mean I need to travel again to Ipoh but this time ALONE.~sigh~
What else?

I'm entitle 19 days of  Cuti Tahunan and it's actually one of my advantage working 
here at Hosp.Bahagia compare to my colleague at physical area. They only
entitle for 12 days of Cuti Tahunan for this year. 
Planning run through my mind after this.
For this month and next month I think I want to total up my holiday so I can take a 
long rest during Sept, Nov and December.
Thinking of taking a weeks holiday during Abg Rio's wed this coming Sept.
Maybe 2 days holiday in November.
And 2 weeks holiday end of this year :)
I am so happy when it's turn to holiday topic.
But bear in mind there's still a lot of work loads need to be done actually huhu :( 
~cry mood turn on~ 

God Bless me here.Amen.