Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dream Car

I know nothing bout CAR..
Pity on me, right? huhu.huhu :(
But whatever it is, I'm still had a dream car.. 

Here we go:

Hell ya~
I'm really fall in love with U, Suzuki Swift!
But what to do, boyfie not allowed me to let u enter in my life :(

Another dream car goes to
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport :)
I can't imagine when I drove this car hehehe.. punya sy proud ekekeke
Boyfie, can u just buy this instead of ur dream car?
hehe.. punya selfish a.k.a penjual ikan

Last but not least Myvi Extreme :)
Eventhou  I didn't like much bout this car but
because of the colour then I picked u as my dream car
Tapi kamu prasan kha? Sy suka white colour ekekeke..
since when yellow jd favourite pun sy x taw haha..

Ahaks! that's all bout my dream car..
How bout yours??
Much better than me,right? Or could I say much expensive than mine?
Whatever it is, that's what we called A Dream Car indeed~

Can I share my boyfie's dream car,here??
hahaha.. maw juga kan ^^

Here we go:

Toyota Vigo, u are so lucky cos
boyfie choose u..
but i don't like u haha..
mcm keta sy kan ^^

Nissan Navara 

Easy to say, boyfie like 4x4 car..
Alasan yg dia bg slalu " Sinang bha angkat brg, sygkan suka shopping"..
Last2 sy jg jd reason kan..
Tp itu smua keta idaman lar katakan..
Keta skrg cuma Kenari sja bha :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hell yah!
I'm gonna be strong to face all this 'shitttt'~
Gonna be ok..
Peace to all