Friday, February 4, 2011

Promise a.k.a Janji janji manis

What do u feel if someone's broke their promises???
Sakit ati kan.. so do I
Sakit sangat!!
Kalau ukur guna pain scale memang dapat 10/10 - very painful
Since sy nie pantang kena janji-janji so once the promises broke then my trust to u is over.
Kalau dah rasa diri tue tak boleh nak tunaikan janji sedar2 lar diri tue ckit banyak
I never force u to do the promise ok!
maybe sbb terlampaw kena bg muka kot.. nvm lar..
after this don't blame me k^^
i warned u earlier

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai

It's been 2 years I didn't celebrate CNY with my families.
And I guess this is my last I'm away from them.
I really missed the moments especially when the whole family members are gather around.
and of cos' I don't have angpow for this year :(
--> don't worry terra, next year u still can get angpow (",) 

Wishing u all gong xi fa cai
xing ning kuai le
have a good year of rabbit

p/s: this year is my year (",) so I hope everything's going well and smooth like I wish too~

Monday, January 31, 2011


I feel much better now after I finish do my
 now I can jump like a happy frog hahaha^^
for me now apa yang penting is siap, siap and siap..
hal-hal lain i don't want to think much
later baru fikir kan.. bikin crowded my mind saja^^
but yang bikin sakit hati are
jerawat attack!!!! 
so damn! ( ayat nie mmg pemes dlm klas sda and i wonder sepa yg kasi mula hehe^^)
huhu~ i can count the pimples attack already especially at my cheek 
(d big one and it's so damn!) and of cos ada anak-anak pimps lagi at my chin
--> roommate said jgn lupa pakai krim everyday (tenkiu roomate^^)
ko memang roomate terbaik hahaha ( only us know d meaning of d word tenkiu^^)