Friday, March 4, 2011

Troublesome feeling

Today is my last day at hostel cos' tomorrow morning around 8 a.m we will be going to Melaka.
And I'm not packing yet! Damn! I am so damn lazy to do all this things.
I prefer to sit in front my lappy watching Korean or whateva movies or just playing my FB games.
Oh gosh! I really don't like this kind of feeling.
Mixing in everything!

tiba2 nie lagu ada dlm otak sy

all my bags are packed I'm ready to go
i'm standing here outside ur door
i hate to wake u up to say goodbye
but the dawn is breaking it's early morn

lps tue sy x ingat suda hehehe but ingt yg nie ja

so kiss me and smile for me
tell me that u'll wait for me
hold me like u never let me go
cause i'm leaving on a jet plane 
don't know when i'll be back again
oh baby, i hate to go

iya bha! i hate to go.. x semangat sy maw p praktikal nie kali huhuhu :(

God, give me strength to face all the situation during my practical session.Amen.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update on Hols

Owh! I'm in holiday's mood^^.. Yeah! This whole weeks are my mid term holiday.
I guess only for my course since the others course still attending their classes.
Mmmm.. There's a lot of plan that we planned before holiday but since the holiday's the plan are just a plan :(

I am totally damn lazy for the whole week.
I wake up late, sleep late, even i'm lazy to cook. Luckily i'm not lazy to take bath huh..(",)
But bear in my mind I was worry bout my upcoming practical.
Since, I had this nightmare during my last practical huhu.. 
I just wish there's no more nightmare and I can face it with a strong heart. **cross-finger**

I think I really need a new hp portable phone ( i borrowed this word from Drive Angry movies) :)
Since, my current hp sot2 and cepat btul abis bateri.. wat sy skt jiwa ja slalu :(
Although mr.scandal keep on reminds me "X PAYAH LAR BLI HP BARU, BYK SUDA HP KO!" , I really don't mind. I want a new hp juga!!!!
I think I buy new hp tapuk2 lar kan hehe^^ x juga daddy sy bsing lama2 sbb hp suda kna bli hehehe
Big grin on my face already :)
U are always naughty,Terra ----> :P

Monday, February 28, 2011

An update

Today's the last day of February. Meaning to say, tomorrow is March already. 
~Goodbye February and Welcome March~
Why time past so fast this year??
I'm a bit wonder. How bout u?

Maybe it's all bout final. Yeah! This is my final year as a student. Eeeee.. not as a student but as a trainee.
By June after Induksi, I am officially an OT.
I will miss the moments. Happy moments. Sad moments. Even crazy moments. Guys, u all rock my life. U all colours my journey. U all are my momento^^ 

Honestly, i'm not ready enough to face the world as an OTs. I'm a bit wonder how am gonna to face people out there, especially my soon to be patient. What am gonna to tell them? How am gonna react when their ask me Qs? And there's a tons of Qs on my mind right now. Where am gonna posting? Who will be my 1st patient? And of cos' the Qs just be a Qs that I can't answer right now.

As a student @ trainee, I always wish I finish my study as possible. Cos' I cannot stand with the assignments and the exams. And also the practicals.
But when the moments come, I wish that I can study and learn and never leave this college.
How hypocrite am I right..

P/s: I dream to be me. Only me. But it's only a dream. I can't be what I wish for. Cos' peoples around me painted my journey and made a new me.