Thursday, April 5, 2012


Nokohombon zou noh and I need to accept the fact!!

Me: D, sy gumuk suda ooo.. So how lar this??
Mr.Bf: Brapa jg berat sebelum nie? 
Me: 50kg.. and now 58kg sda.. :(
Mr.Bf: Ok lar bha tue.. Inda bagus jg kurus2 nie..
Me: Sy maw bli itu korset lar nie.. Bule kha?
Mr.Bf: Apa tue? Makanan? Xpyh lar tue.. Nnt sy bli itu mnuman diet..
Me: D maw minum kha tue?
Mr.Bf: Aik, ko maw kan..
Me: @#$%^&*()

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I'm not the crying baby!
But I can't hide my feeling anymore.
The tears just burst out when I heard his voice.
I couldn't stand it anymore.

#Missing u is the best way of reminding myself that I love U#

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

26 days with only 5 minutes phone call each day are enough.
That's the price I need to pay for my relationship!
Be patience! Be loyal!
Do I have to wait another 2 years to be with U?

I hate the tondu so much. She's very the jual ikan!!
God, please show her the power of love.
Let her know what actually the meaning of love..
Kosisian iho tondu aiso kusai do mimang dau..
So when somebody's found their happiness, and the tondu is alone
then the jealousy is happen!
At the end, the tondu be sumandak auh alaku!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Flights of Ideas

What did u do if u get bad news?
If this happen to me, I want to talk bout it or share it with somebody whom close to me.
1. Daddy or Mummy or Both
2. My bestie a.k.a My ex-roommate
3. My best friend a.k.a My love a.k.a Mr.Bf

So, today when I heard the 'izou noh tii's said bout it,
I was like "what the hell, she think she are"
The news knocked me down! Make me more and more restless.
Make me more hate u. Biatch!

How I wish I can talk bout it with Mr.Bf.
But what to do. Lost contact since 9th March! Poor me :(
Sabar, Tayra!!!

# 5 minutes talk with him once a day is enough to me #