Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I am pretty tired today.
Morning, I went to ward and done activity with my patients.
First, I thought it's only takes half hour to complete plus finished all the collage activity
but it takes more than I can imagine!

Done with the activity I went back to office.
Try to finish my report for today's activity but only finished 1 report then I realize it was lunch time already.
After lunch time, around 2.15pm
me and Ain run to Ipoh with hopes that everything go smooth
but unlucky for us that our hopes just be a hopes.

Back from work today I asleep wearing my work clothes.
Like I said this is totally damn tired for me.
I still try to adapt the environment here
but still I can't

*There's a lot of stories that I want to share here but better I let it go

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ceritatera I

What date for today?
25th July

This is the day when the government servant waiting for a month. Hari GAJI masuk bha nie..
But for me...
No more allowance masuk2 huhu~
I just realize that I'm not a student anymore.
And still can't believe that I'm working already (^_______^)
KEJA suda bha sy nie skrg.
But Gaji lum masuk lg.
Sebab bru 1 mggu sy sitart karaja bha nie..
wwwooooooo I mish to talk in Sabahan slanga!!!

Sy sdg mhitung ari maw balik Sabah bha nie..
itu ja lar karaja sy supaya sy bsemangat kunun2 maw karaja ngeheeee :)
Penat jg bha karaja sy nie..
Urg nmpak mcm enjoy ja..
Tp cuba kmu d tmpat sy. Confirm kmu mati kutu jg maw cr idea..
Ari2 maw cr idea kreatif untuk pt..
Sy nie x smpai 3 ari masuk ward tp mcm2 suda ragam manusia sy nmpak..
Odoi dogo! btl2 sy culture shock jg lar..
Tp x lar teruk bha ngeheee~

Bha, nxt time sy continue ceta sy lg ar hehe~
Sy maw tdo dlu bha

* report pt sy lum wat lg.. matai lar nie.. blm 1 bln kja sda mls2~