Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quick update from Malacca

Almost 3 days since we came here in Malacca..
Yup! I'm in Malacca already doing my practical session. And til now ~ my 2nd day I still cannot get what actually we did in geriatric field specifically. And honestly I'm still got that paranoid whenever the nightmare came across to my mind. :(

Honestly, I don't have mood to update my blog for the moment but when I thought back the reason I do blogging then I'm forcing myself to update here >.<

Ok! Let's do the update here.
--> we rent house near the hospital and this house are quite OK but not the owner a.k.a BigMomma
--> the worst part was we don't have any warung or kedai makan near our house.. and of cos' we choose Maggie mee and the biscuit
--> me and roommate already went for home visit today
--> yesterday was our fatigue day cos' the whole day we did ward round + transfer technique
--> we STILL don't know what will happen to us next.. just pray for us that everything's gonna be ok 

God bless Us