Saturday, November 5, 2011


Home alone and migraine attacked!
What a weekend.
Luckily am alone and no one bothering me
except the phone calls and text messaging tone. 

Hopefully I can recover in and out within 
this 3 days off.
I don't want to meet or face others
with this migraine attacked.

Done with my laundry and home chores
a bit late today.
Try to woke up early but
couldn't make it.
Feel like my head carried the big stone.
And somehow I wish 
my families are beside me
at the moments.
Really missed my mummy and daddy
so much.
Mum will pampered me.
OMG! I really belong to my families.

Try to be independent girl
or should I call it
I'm big girl already
but deep within me
I can't.
Try to be strong here
but everytime I heard
Mum and Dad's voice at
the phone
my tears burst out.
I really need them.
God, please help me.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Hard Feeling??

No hard feeling? Can I faced like nothing had happen. That's really sound not me..
I'm sicked bout everything. I really need a break!
Sort of!
Crying inside without bestie right here really hurting.
I can't barely stand this. I promised to myself that am gonna be okay
as long I'm here. But I broke my own promised. :( :(
I'm dying inside!
The old nightmare which happen in this state start to hunting me again.
Like I said before, I.don'!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finally! I've Found You

I've finally found someone
who believes
I'm perfect just the way I am
even though
I have many flaws

I've finally found someone
who is willing
to take it slow
just for me

I've finally found someone
who will wipe
my tears away
will listen to my heart

I've found someone
who is
and absolutely loving
Someones who sees something in me
even after
he's seen me at my worst

Monday, October 31, 2011

My Rules!

Whatever it's sounds to you
don't judge!
This is my blog and I can wrote.write whatever in this site.
The owner's rules here!

Actually i'm planning with my cuzzy a trip to
Yeehaaaa!! Colorado, here we are.
But dunno when :(
cos it's still on plan.
Wwuuaaa I really need a vacation!
Before my single status change. Nah.Huh.
Mcm kili-kili nie words kan ekekeke..

Not forget to wish my
darlie.bro for his 12th years old birthday..
Baru sy sedar my bro grown up ody
ekekeke.. weird ooo
sy tataps anggap dia kecik dr dia kici til now.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Itchy.Bitchy.Naughty Girl Part 2






Cantik kan all those pictures above~
WWWuuuaaa.. I falled in luv..^^

Itchy.Bitchy.Naughty Girl Part 1

Since it's weekend and I do nothing here
except Rehat.Tidur.Makan.Facebooking.Msg'ing..
I decide to sneak around in my Fb pages
and found out that
my schoolmates and even my junior at high school
are already married!
Then, this naughty + bitchy dreams appeared
and I decided to share it here :P
I took all this photo from THIS blog.
I borrowed your pictures aaaaa...
sbb kan santek2 nie :)

Ok! Here we go.
My itchy.bitchy.naughty dreams^^
My dreams pre-wed photoshoot.
Since sy gatal sgt maw kawen hahaha
sy pun b'angan2 lar klu bule I want to take photo like this.
Kunun ja lar :P

Simple yet Nice,right??
There's a lot of pictures I would like to share here bha actually this..
But since panjang sda sy post then I will post next entry but still the same title..
Mana taw kamu pun terpikat.tertarik dgn nie pix kan
Sharing is Caring maaaa