Saturday, February 12, 2011

Carte Blanche

This pictures of us during Malam Kebudayaan^^.. I do prefer take our pixs than others hehe.. sorrrrrrryyyy >.<
I also don't know why recently I love to take pixs although before this I don't like taking pixs :P Weirdo me, right??
Or maybe because this is my last sem and I really2 need pixs as a memories^^ and I guess so...
So, let check it out :)
 Me, Michele, Laura, Veron, Sue
 Before the Choir competition start, this is what we did^^

 Posing tataps posing tp tangan maintain ja laju reply msg ekekeke^^

Time balik pun sempat lg berposing ala-ala diva^^ (pinjam ayat c Veron lu)
yg penting lighting ckup ekekeke^^
Penat2 jln naik tue bukit pun smpat juga bha snap pixs^^
Sorry for being us^^, we just having our laugh + crazy moment 2getha^^

Thursday, February 10, 2011

When Action Lead Us

Ok guys. I think I don't need to wait til weekend to upload pictures taken at Pusat Kusta yesterday^^..
Since I had a lot of extra time during class period, I decide to edit all the pics and combine it all to make it more cool pics. Although we all quite cool plus my extra arts creativity^^ it make moooooorrrre coooollllls! Ahaks! Perasan kan ekekeke..
Ok guys, here the pixs.. When the camera say ready and the action take part, we just can't say NO :)

Baru smpai and sdg ready2 p lawat wad^^
On the way p wad^^
Time tgh wat penilaian a.k.a tugasan from lecturer
Abis ja wat assessment trus bgambar ekekeke^^
Nie kali lar muka sy ja^^
Bila geng G'Glow beraksi^^
Geng rojak2 suda nie^^
Geng cina punya turn tp sesat bha c Harry cni^^

Pix bwh nie kira gambar kenangan lar bha kan..
Tiggl brapa bulan lg kan kmi di kolej nie...

The day after Yesterday

     Today's xtvt a bit enjoy. Morning classes started with visit to Pusat Kusta. I got the pix but i'm lazy plus tired enough to upload it right now. So, maybe weekend I'll try my best to upload it here ~ cross finger + klu x malas ar hehe^^ .
      After that, I had lecture session in 2 hours. And honestly it's so damn bored cos' i'm freaking sleepy :( Damn me! Actually the lecture is quite OK plus the lecturer are good looking ekekekeke^^ but dunno what happen to me this day. I think I should pampering myself this weekend so I can refill my energy. No more tdo2 at class :)
      In the evening class, we had group presentation and it was fun even I'm a bit moody cos suddenly my dizziness came and visit me during class :( I'm tried hard to stay focus and not entertained the visitor huhu..
After class, Lola and me decide to go The Store just to eat Pizza Hut. Mcm org kaya ja bha kami kluar mkn ja every week. Pdhal sengkek suda nie. Org blg poket sluar bucur suda :(

P/s: Decisions are the hardest to make especially when it's a choice between where we should be and where we want to be :(

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Maybe i'm not that worth it enough to be ur frens, so i just be me..
emo jg post sy nie mlm nie huhu.. mmg lar bha emo sbb terlampaw byk perkara berlaku yg x dpt sy explain.. Since, i'm a bit  more emo today then let spit it out loud here.
Klu rasa2 sy bkn kwn kmu xpyh lar bha bpura2 depan sy. Just be u and i will know it.
If i can give u a thousand tons of sorry i will give u directly. I know it's all my fault so don't bother bout me anymore. Stop talking with me cos i am invisible enough to u.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick update

I decide start from today, i don't want to do any post in my fb's wall except song from Youtube..
  bule kha sy tahan x post apa2 di wall sy tue ar??? hehe.. a bit wonder jg nie^^
Then where will i post?
Yay! pura2 lg kan hehe^^ sy post di sini ja lar >.<
So, do not shock or whatsoever within 1 day maybe i post more then 2 entries ekekekeke..
klu sy rajin lar ar.. sy nie kan pemalas tahap dewa-dewi >.<

Okie dokie! Quick update from me today.

--> Today's class more too Mr.S's classes, so it's a bit more bored (dgr dia bcakap ja di depan + sakit tgn sy saling nota dia yg byk itu :( )

--> After 5pm, me and my biatches went to Jusco Kepong (gara2 mgidam itu durian pancake ja bha^^)

--> The best part was when we inside the taxi. the taxi driver said "lu olang sabah kha? haiiyaaa.. mula2 tgk lu olang td ar, macam jepun macam cina ooo, smpai xtaw maw cakap apa ma lu olang ooo"
ok! we need to admit that we have this multiform of face.. yalar! since we went here in Peninsular mcm2 sdh jenis soalan kna tanya. sy mgumpat dlm kadazan bule2 sy kna ckp tourist from philipines. time tgh shopping sna Padang Besar Perlis plak sy kena suruh cpt2 nek bus blk Thailand, dorg bilang nnt kena tgl. Muka sy pnya jaw dr itu org Thailand.. sandiiiiii .. Nah! sikalang kena cakap macam itu jipun suda (pdhal time skul dulu slalu menangis nie sbb kna ejek jipun mata sepet huhu )

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last Hols

Today is my last holiday and i am a bit lazy^^
--> bab malas2 p klas mmg sy menang bha ngeee~
What i'm doing the whole 5 days holiday? of cos' lar tidur,makan, fb, game & movie
i only went out from my room to bathroom only (tp x jg sy putih2 kan :()
i'm a bit disappointed cos' this year i don't get any angpow huhu :(
dad called me last night just to check if i'm ok since last Monday i got flu attack once again
and i did asked him bout my angpow and he replied "tunggu ko balik uma dulu bha tp bkn sy bg angpow kha slalu ma ko?" i just give him a big grinned --> bgs klu dia nampak ^^
ok! forget bout the angpow issues and let's roll to another story 

Yesterday i made someone cried and i felt worst + terrible 
and i wonder how could i did it to someone like that??? and i just know i've had this bad mouth :(
do accept my apologies k~ xoxo (mcm sy x ikhlas ja kan^^) i cried too bha  
No matter what I am blessed to know u :) saranghaeyo hehe betul kha 2??