Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thank You for ...

i am safely arrived here at my hostel
eventho' the driver drove like we're in F1 competition
ok! don't bother bout it..
i just want to let u know that i finished my practical
this time with 
no more tears
with more good + nice + joyful moments 
thanx to all my therapist at Melaka

tima kaseh byk2 sbb jga ktaorg sepjg ktaorg kat sna..
tima kaseh byk2 sbb ajar ktaorg kat sna..
tima kaseh byk2 sbb bg pengalaman bru kat ktaorg..
tima kaseh byk2!!
terharu sgt2 sbb ktaorg di layan ngan baik2 skali :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


sy suda present..
c.o pun da antar..
skrg nie sy bule suka suki 
bjola joli
menari cni ctu
hehehe :)

p/s: xnak ingt xm lu..nnt otak gue makin biul >.<