Saturday, March 19, 2011

This is us

this is us!
our activity from friday night til saturday mornin'
around 8pm our therapist, miss nonong fetch us at house.
our plan just had dinner somewhere around Pantai Klebang but when we reach there, the place are closed.
so, we change the place to somewhere i dunno the name of place >.<
makan dkt warung ja bha! and the food really nice but in small quantity :(
maksud dia, kmi smua x kenyang bha 2 ekekeke :P

actually the plan only dinner, but dunno why suddenly bowling time are added.
so, we heading to bowl place at mitc,melaka.
here are the bowlers (",)

1st games won by our therapist, miss nonong^^
and the 2nd games won by miss nonong & farah..
i didn't played the 2nd games due to my mood >.<

our boys that night, salman & stnly played quite good even that was their 1st experienced.
the player of the day goes to salman haha..
he said "strike atau x yg penting gaya kaki kena mantap!"

we finished our games around 1 a.m and i thought we going home after that.
but i was wronged again. yet, they want to play pool.
so,here the picture i took last night.
i'm the camgirl that night since i don't play pool >.<

this is the 1st time my girls play pool and it was very funny to watched them..
the pool's instructor are miss nonong, stnly and salman.
after finished our activities at mitc, we heading to mamak restaurant to lepak2 before going home.
we finally reached home at 3 a.m.
but me and roommate only can sleep around 5 a.m cos' we did some pillow talk  :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's friday!!!

what else i can say..:)
it's friday, meaning tomorrow is holiday..
sy maw lumpat2 suda nie bila ingat weekend tp bila ingat lg 1x mmg x jd lumpat lar..
byk oo asgmt sy yg t'tunggak since mggu lepas..
bru sy ingat next week maw present case study suda..:(
bule kha x present tue ar?????
sy malas bha maw wat huhuhu...
ada 6 minggu lg bru sy abes praktikal..
lama oooo kan..
sy rasa itu patient pun boring suda tgk muka sy di hospital hehehe :)
--> wwwwaaaaa!!! x lma lg sy karaja suda oooo... mcm x pcaya ooo..
len ooo klu ada org pggl cik terra nie nnt taw.. yay! prasantut!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chest pain

what i felt right now??
this is it..

yup! chest pain.
lately, this is what happen to me. people may said that i'm pretending to be sick but i'm the one who felt it.
i just can't describe how this chest pain is but it made me sob..
all i wanna do is

sleep and sleep and sleep..
i really need a rest but i couldn't. there's still a lot of works i need to do.

i hate to see doctor 

cos i don't like to eat those pills or any medicine

i just hope that everything's fine to me.
i'm still young,right? and there's a lot of things that i want to do yet..
but, lately the image of 'death' is keep on play.

God, please.. let me achieve what i want before u take me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kisah si lidah buaya

Jom kita ceta2 jap ^^
Ari nie patient kta ramai lar jg. Yelar.. plus2 patient ortho ngan medical skali dan jg patient wad.
Ada makcik nie, dia nie patient kta plg last lar ari nie. Sbb dia dtg kul 3.50pm lar. Makcik nie patient ortho.
So, memandangkan patient medical da abes, ktaorg pun ramai2 lar kat ortho tue.
Makcik nie kaki latah sket. Tgh2 wat treatment tue, makcik nie tiba2 ckp "u all nak kacang pedas ngan lidah buaya x? makcik suka masak."..
Member uitm tiba2 ckp,"mkn lidah buaya utk apa,makcik?"
Makcik: "utk mkn ler, sedap taw.
Member da wat muka semcm da. Sy da taw confirm member nie tgh imagine mcm mna nak mkn lidah buaya. Yelar.. makcik tue siap explain kat ktaorg g mcm mna dia dok goreng benda alah tue..
Korang faham x???
Lidah buaya yg makcik tue mentioned tue bukan nie taw

tp benda alah nie yg makcik tue dok mentioned2 kat ktaorg

hahahhaa... taaaaddddddaaaaa.. nie lar dia kue lidah buaya makcik tue^^

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Story dulu-dulu

Blur but malas sgt2 nak wat keja..
Dr mggu lepas g, sy nak wat CO File and CS but til now satu pun lum sentuh lg. Pada hal nxt week da kena submit >.<
CS sy bru 1 :(.. nak wat kes apa ar????? xkan nak wat stroke ja???

Talking bout stroke cases, its remind me my condition 7 years ago..  lama suda kan tp maw ingat jg hehe..
time tue sy form 5.. if i'm not mistaken 3 or 4 months before i take my SPM exam. dipendekkan ceta, i got facial palsy.. facial palsy??? that time mmg x taw pa benda tue.. tp yg bkin takut i can't control my own face.. paling ssssaaaannnnaaaang ckp lar kan muka sy biut miut suda lar :(
for d 1st time jg lar sy kasi abis mkn ubat yg doc bg memandangkan sy nie mmg bkn jenis suka mkn ubat!

Kasi pendek lg ceta, did I got stroke that time????
lps masuk kolej and learns here, sy rasa2 sy kena attacked stroke lar dat tym..
transient ischemic attack or mini stroke!!
from my reading lar kan, TIA nie are warning signs of a future stroke..
jd kesimpulannya... SY TAKUT KENA STROKE!

God,please be with me always.Amen.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


i'm not expert yet but i do like to try this lomo^^
for me the result is noooooot so bad but there still a lot of improvement i need to learn :)

another pic i made are this

i love lomo :P