Friday, September 2, 2011

My Garden Wedding Dress

I'm NOT getting married yet!
Maybe this post tell that I am READY to that kind of stage..
No lar I'm just kidding here..
But for sure I really LOve this Wedding dress

Garden Wedding Dress 2011 by Casablanca Garden Wedding Dress
i dunno why I love this but i think this dress is so simple 
and the model look gorgeous =)

Garden Wedding Dresses 2011 by Casablanca Garden Wedding Dress
OMG! this mermaid style of dress is so amazing~
Wish I am tall and have a good figure so I can fit this wedding dress like the model~

Garden Wedding Dresses by Casablanca Garden Wedding Dress
i like this dress because of the 'renda-renda' haha~

Garden Wedding Dresses by stephanie allin Garden Wedding Dress
Yay! Another simple wedding dress that heart me..
I guess I'm simple person so I prefer simple wedding dress haha~

I think I wanna get marry soon so I can wear those dress.
So, who wanna marry me???

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