Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why me?

I don't think U be nice with me, October
Actually, I don't really want to share here
but there's no one I can talk with right beside me.

Why me?
Yes! Instead of choosing me, why me?
The Q's kept on running through my head
wondering my mind
keeping me restless

I beg to my heart
I beg to myself
to be strong
to be positive thinker
I can't

I don't want to blame anyone here
but I'm just an ordinary people 
who kept on eyeing people's fault
U already done something wronged
in every perspective, others will say
U're the one who ruined others family
and ur own family
and I'm the one who need 
to pay it?
it's fair for me?

P/s: Please dear, bring me out from this place. I don't belong here..