Monday, January 31, 2011


I feel much better now after I finish do my
 now I can jump like a happy frog hahaha^^
for me now apa yang penting is siap, siap and siap..
hal-hal lain i don't want to think much
later baru fikir kan.. bikin crowded my mind saja^^
but yang bikin sakit hati are
jerawat attack!!!! 
so damn! ( ayat nie mmg pemes dlm klas sda and i wonder sepa yg kasi mula hehe^^)
huhu~ i can count the pimples attack already especially at my cheek 
(d big one and it's so damn!) and of cos ada anak-anak pimps lagi at my chin
--> roommate said jgn lupa pakai krim everyday (tenkiu roomate^^)
ko memang roomate terbaik hahaha ( only us know d meaning of d word tenkiu^^)

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