Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Story dulu-dulu

Blur but malas sgt2 nak wat keja..
Dr mggu lepas g, sy nak wat CO File and CS but til now satu pun lum sentuh lg. Pada hal nxt week da kena submit >.<
CS sy bru 1 :(.. nak wat kes apa ar????? xkan nak wat stroke ja???

Talking bout stroke cases, its remind me my condition 7 years ago..  lama suda kan tp maw ingat jg hehe..
time tue sy form 5.. if i'm not mistaken 3 or 4 months before i take my SPM exam. dipendekkan ceta, i got facial palsy.. facial palsy??? that time mmg x taw pa benda tue.. tp yg bkin takut i can't control my own face.. paling ssssaaaannnnaaaang ckp lar kan muka sy biut miut suda lar :(
for d 1st time jg lar sy kasi abis mkn ubat yg doc bg memandangkan sy nie mmg bkn jenis suka mkn ubat!

Kasi pendek lg ceta, did I got stroke that time????
lps masuk kolej and learns here, sy rasa2 sy kena attacked stroke lar dat tym..
transient ischemic attack or mini stroke!!
from my reading lar kan, TIA nie are warning signs of a future stroke..
jd kesimpulannya... SY TAKUT KENA STROKE!

God,please be with me always.Amen.

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