Sunday, July 3, 2011


Since my holiday started I admit that this blog are been abandoned for a while.
I dunno why I am so lazy to update even though there are a lots of thing I want to share.
Yesterday, on 2nd July I went to Tun Fuad Hall to attended my 1st cousin wedding ceremony.
After that, I went to KDCA to attended my 2nd cousin wed. Actually I know nothing bout this cousin but according to mum,she is the youngest from her sibling and she is younger than me ~ 
wow! muda2 lg suda kawen^^ 

OK! Enough with yesterday's activity.
Today's activity started when I woke up from sleep. I didn't go church today since I woke up too late.
I try to open my eyes early around 7 in the morning cos' my hp kept on rang and it disturbed my slept but still I can't. And I managed to open my eyes at 9.15a.m. ~Gosh~
Around 1 pm i went to Teluk Villa with my cousins for a fishing.
But i'm not doing that activity cos' i really don't like fishing hehe^^
So I played with my 2 heroes, Mori and Dylen..(",)
We, decided to go back home early around 3 pm but the others still enjoying their activities..

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