Sunday, September 4, 2011

Oh Missy Shoesy

Done with the dress and now
let us check it out the bridal shoes :)
*Still in a dreamland @@*

OMG! Like this heel so much.. Can I have one??
Ok! I need to admit that I'm a shoes hunter.
Mum always blamed me cos' I had a lots of shoes yet I rarely use them~

This ivory heel look simple but stunning in my point of view~
Gosh! love it~

wedding shoes
I like to see this shoes cos of the skin look alike snake skin..
But I'm not prefer to wear this haha~

Simple yet it heart me already~
Gonna find shoes like this for a collection :)

Conclusion i can make for today's post are;
i WANT the no.1,2 and the 4th shoes for my big day haha~
Even it will cost me much but it heart me more.
Damn shoes! You are simple but stunning stylish look!

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