Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just Me

Mummy just msg me this morning
asked bout the e-plan 
and i was shocked 
bout it..

Don't think bout it for the moment
cos am quite stressed here.
Can I diagnosed myself as
having Major Depression??

OK! Forget bout it!
I mean this and that stressful event or
stressful factors and so on or whatsoever in this categories.

By end of this month or should I say
starting this month I need to pay a car ody..
No extra money for joli joli ody kan..
Another responsibility for me :(
Huh! No new shoes, no new dress etc..
Another words NO Padini.Vincci.Guess.Mango.Carlo.etcccccc
What a life!!!!
I can't live without those shoppy :(

Hanya kernaMu
No biggie,Tayra..

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