Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre Valentine

Selamat malam^^
Yay! What happen to me??? I'm a bit more lazy rite now. I didn't touch yet my assignment. I'm lied! The whole day I try to finish my assignment but til I post this, I only managed to do 2 pages only :( but my lecturer want 6 pages.. Lor! How I want to finish it???
Utak sy blank tahap gaban suda nie. Inda lar sy taw pa maw tulis lagi. Nah! matai lar ko bsuk,Terra :(

Tukar topic dulu sy ar hehe^^
I got msg just now from scandal (",).

Scandal: Bsuk ari apa ar?
Me: Ari 1 lar bha, napa ko tanya?
Scandal: Owh, bukan ari kekasih kha?
Me: Iya kha?? Jap, I check calendar 1st.
Scandal: Kwn sy ckp lar..
Me: Iya bha kan.. V'day plak bsuk.. sy lupa owh hehe^^
Scandal: X apa lar klu ko lupa. Nxt tym bru kta sambut ar^^
Me: Everyday pun valentina bha. Watpa jg maw tggu 14hb Feb bru smbut.
Scandal: Yup, everyday is valentine. and nnt kta clbrate ar..
Me: Tgk dlu lar hehehehe^^

P/s: Happy Valentine to all^^ No need to wait 'til 14th Feb just to celebrate it. Valentine Day also not for couples only but it for everyone. Don't be so racist bout Valentine. If u believe in love then u are part of valentine.

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