Sunday, February 19, 2012


To find someone who's not only a LOVER but also a TRUE FRIEND is not easy.
In fact, how many people we call friends are actually real friends,
that we can call whenever we in troubles?
Will these 'friends' be there for us when we needed them?
Honest friendships take time to grow and develop.
If a relationships form from that friendship, then that is a solid basis of a lasting and loving relationship.
I am blessed that I found my lover and at the same time he is my true friend.
I can count him in times of trouble. Except when he went offshore :(
I also blessed to met my BFF. I can count her in and vice versa.
Even though she's not around but yet she still give her support to me.
And of cos' I am blessed to have my Family.
They are always there for me. 
Thanx God for gave me this wonderful peoples.
Please bless my parents, my siblings, my boyfie and of cos my bestfriend.
They are meant to me.

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