Monday, April 2, 2012

Flights of Ideas

What did u do if u get bad news?
If this happen to me, I want to talk bout it or share it with somebody whom close to me.
1. Daddy or Mummy or Both
2. My bestie a.k.a My ex-roommate
3. My best friend a.k.a My love a.k.a Mr.Bf

So, today when I heard the 'izou noh tii's said bout it,
I was like "what the hell, she think she are"
The news knocked me down! Make me more and more restless.
Make me more hate u. Biatch!

How I wish I can talk bout it with Mr.Bf.
But what to do. Lost contact since 9th March! Poor me :(
Sabar, Tayra!!!

# 5 minutes talk with him once a day is enough to me #

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