Saturday, February 12, 2011

Carte Blanche

This pictures of us during Malam Kebudayaan^^.. I do prefer take our pixs than others hehe.. sorrrrrrryyyy >.<
I also don't know why recently I love to take pixs although before this I don't like taking pixs :P Weirdo me, right??
Or maybe because this is my last sem and I really2 need pixs as a memories^^ and I guess so...
So, let check it out :)
 Me, Michele, Laura, Veron, Sue
 Before the Choir competition start, this is what we did^^

 Posing tataps posing tp tangan maintain ja laju reply msg ekekeke^^

Time balik pun sempat lg berposing ala-ala diva^^ (pinjam ayat c Veron lu)
yg penting lighting ckup ekekeke^^
Penat2 jln naik tue bukit pun smpat juga bha snap pixs^^
Sorry for being us^^, we just having our laugh + crazy moment 2getha^^

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