Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day

Today's all about teachers..
So, i'm gonna post more alike teacher..haha kidding..

after all, I wanna wish happy teacher's day to all my teachers
-- Tadika Kemas Babagon
-- S.K Babagon
-- KSKB Sg.Buloh

if not U all maybe I'm not who I am today =)
Tenkiu so much, although u didn't read my blog

OK! Here are some fact about this teacher's day.
--> Actually, the World Teacher's Day is celebrated on 5th Oct..
--> Australia will celebrate teacher's day on last friday in Oct..
--> Brunei, on 23rd of September..
--> Indonesia, on 25th of November..
--> Malaysia, of cos' today..16th May..
--> Singapore, 1st of September and it is holiday

and the other's countries..
u all cari sendiri k..
ngeee =)

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