Sunday, October 30, 2011

Itchy.Bitchy.Naughty Girl Part 1

Since it's weekend and I do nothing here
except Rehat.Tidur.Makan.Facebooking.Msg'ing..
I decide to sneak around in my Fb pages
and found out that
my schoolmates and even my junior at high school
are already married!
Then, this naughty + bitchy dreams appeared
and I decided to share it here :P
I took all this photo from THIS blog.
I borrowed your pictures aaaaa...
sbb kan santek2 nie :)

Ok! Here we go.
My itchy.bitchy.naughty dreams^^
My dreams pre-wed photoshoot.
Since sy gatal sgt maw kawen hahaha
sy pun b'angan2 lar klu bule I want to take photo like this.
Kunun ja lar :P

Simple yet Nice,right??
There's a lot of pictures I would like to share here bha actually this..
But since panjang sda sy post then I will post next entry but still the same title..
Mana taw kamu pun terpikat.tertarik dgn nie pix kan
Sharing is Caring maaaa

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