Saturday, November 5, 2011


Home alone and migraine attacked!
What a weekend.
Luckily am alone and no one bothering me
except the phone calls and text messaging tone. 

Hopefully I can recover in and out within 
this 3 days off.
I don't want to meet or face others
with this migraine attacked.

Done with my laundry and home chores
a bit late today.
Try to woke up early but
couldn't make it.
Feel like my head carried the big stone.
And somehow I wish 
my families are beside me
at the moments.
Really missed my mummy and daddy
so much.
Mum will pampered me.
OMG! I really belong to my families.

Try to be independent girl
or should I call it
I'm big girl already
but deep within me
I can't.
Try to be strong here
but everytime I heard
Mum and Dad's voice at
the phone
my tears burst out.
I really need them.
God, please help me.

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