Friday, March 4, 2011

Troublesome feeling

Today is my last day at hostel cos' tomorrow morning around 8 a.m we will be going to Melaka.
And I'm not packing yet! Damn! I am so damn lazy to do all this things.
I prefer to sit in front my lappy watching Korean or whateva movies or just playing my FB games.
Oh gosh! I really don't like this kind of feeling.
Mixing in everything!

tiba2 nie lagu ada dlm otak sy

all my bags are packed I'm ready to go
i'm standing here outside ur door
i hate to wake u up to say goodbye
but the dawn is breaking it's early morn

lps tue sy x ingat suda hehehe but ingt yg nie ja

so kiss me and smile for me
tell me that u'll wait for me
hold me like u never let me go
cause i'm leaving on a jet plane 
don't know when i'll be back again
oh baby, i hate to go

iya bha! i hate to go.. x semangat sy maw p praktikal nie kali huhuhu :(

God, give me strength to face all the situation during my practical session.Amen.

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