Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update on Hols

Owh! I'm in holiday's mood^^.. Yeah! This whole weeks are my mid term holiday.
I guess only for my course since the others course still attending their classes.
Mmmm.. There's a lot of plan that we planned before holiday but since the holiday's the plan are just a plan :(

I am totally damn lazy for the whole week.
I wake up late, sleep late, even i'm lazy to cook. Luckily i'm not lazy to take bath huh..(",)
But bear in my mind I was worry bout my upcoming practical.
Since, I had this nightmare during my last practical huhu.. 
I just wish there's no more nightmare and I can face it with a strong heart. **cross-finger**

I think I really need a new hp portable phone ( i borrowed this word from Drive Angry movies) :)
Since, my current hp sot2 and cepat btul abis bateri.. wat sy skt jiwa ja slalu :(
Although mr.scandal keep on reminds me "X PAYAH LAR BLI HP BARU, BYK SUDA HP KO!" , I really don't mind. I want a new hp juga!!!!
I think I buy new hp tapuk2 lar kan hehe^^ x juga daddy sy bsing lama2 sbb hp suda kna bli hehehe
Big grin on my face already :)
U are always naughty,Terra ----> :P

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