Thursday, February 10, 2011

The day after Yesterday

     Today's xtvt a bit enjoy. Morning classes started with visit to Pusat Kusta. I got the pix but i'm lazy plus tired enough to upload it right now. So, maybe weekend I'll try my best to upload it here ~ cross finger + klu x malas ar hehe^^ .
      After that, I had lecture session in 2 hours. And honestly it's so damn bored cos' i'm freaking sleepy :( Damn me! Actually the lecture is quite OK plus the lecturer are good looking ekekekeke^^ but dunno what happen to me this day. I think I should pampering myself this weekend so I can refill my energy. No more tdo2 at class :)
      In the evening class, we had group presentation and it was fun even I'm a bit moody cos suddenly my dizziness came and visit me during class :( I'm tried hard to stay focus and not entertained the visitor huhu..
After class, Lola and me decide to go The Store just to eat Pizza Hut. Mcm org kaya ja bha kami kluar mkn ja every week. Pdhal sengkek suda nie. Org blg poket sluar bucur suda :(

P/s: Decisions are the hardest to make especially when it's a choice between where we should be and where we want to be :(

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