Thursday, February 10, 2011

When Action Lead Us

Ok guys. I think I don't need to wait til weekend to upload pictures taken at Pusat Kusta yesterday^^..
Since I had a lot of extra time during class period, I decide to edit all the pics and combine it all to make it more cool pics. Although we all quite cool plus my extra arts creativity^^ it make moooooorrrre coooollllls! Ahaks! Perasan kan ekekeke..
Ok guys, here the pixs.. When the camera say ready and the action take part, we just can't say NO :)

Baru smpai and sdg ready2 p lawat wad^^
On the way p wad^^
Time tgh wat penilaian a.k.a tugasan from lecturer
Abis ja wat assessment trus bgambar ekekeke^^
Nie kali lar muka sy ja^^
Bila geng G'Glow beraksi^^
Geng rojak2 suda nie^^
Geng cina punya turn tp sesat bha c Harry cni^^

Pix bwh nie kira gambar kenangan lar bha kan..
Tiggl brapa bulan lg kan kmi di kolej nie...

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