Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last Hols

Today is my last holiday and i am a bit lazy^^
--> bab malas2 p klas mmg sy menang bha ngeee~
What i'm doing the whole 5 days holiday? of cos' lar tidur,makan, fb, game & movie
i only went out from my room to bathroom only (tp x jg sy putih2 kan :()
i'm a bit disappointed cos' this year i don't get any angpow huhu :(
dad called me last night just to check if i'm ok since last Monday i got flu attack once again
and i did asked him bout my angpow and he replied "tunggu ko balik uma dulu bha tp bkn sy bg angpow kha slalu ma ko?" i just give him a big grinned --> bgs klu dia nampak ^^
ok! forget bout the angpow issues and let's roll to another story 

Yesterday i made someone cried and i felt worst + terrible 
and i wonder how could i did it to someone like that??? and i just know i've had this bad mouth :(
do accept my apologies k~ xoxo (mcm sy x ikhlas ja kan^^) i cried too bha  
No matter what I am blessed to know u :) saranghaeyo hehe betul kha 2??

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